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We can help you write a brilliant business plan which brings focus and direction to your business and persuades others.

We start with a blank sheet of paper and you tell us about your dreams and visions for the business. In consultation with you, those aspirations will be fleshed out with figures, market analysis and future projections, including cashflow projections.

A bespoke business plan gives you a road map to success.

Need analysis; projections and figure work?

No problem. With a technical training, Christine can show  how the figures relate to profitability.


No business plan is complete without forecasting and particularly relating to cashflow forecasts and profitability. Christine will design a spreadsheet to project forwards and to be able to quickly simulate the effects of possible scenarios.

A well-written plan helps

  • Firstly to focus your mind on your business. We work with you to write your story. This may mean we ask a lot of questions you may not have thought about and it may mean we bring the outsiders viewpoint into focus for you.

When I have written these before the value to the business itself in bringing clarity and focus is the first benefit and can motivate and stimulate.

  • Secondly, a good business plan can make a huge difference to getting banks and grant makers on your side. It shows you are serious about making your business successful.

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Christine Hough

Christine Hough From a wild childhood in the forests of Northern Argentina to a varied career spanning multinational companies and micro-businesses, Christine has written financial documents; training documents; press releases; promotional materials including exhibition design adverts and flyers; website copy; auto-responder email content; and bid applications. * Graduated in Engineering and Management (Durham University) * Post graduate course in Production management at Cambridge University * Worked in multinational companies writing technical reports and financial justification. Implemented company wide planning system including writing manuals and training staff. * Supported music school by writing promotional materials, press releases and bid applications (all successful!) * Run own businesses both online and offline * Applied successfully for grants * Written a book *Prize winning author

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