When your clients want more, How do you score? Fun Quiz

When the client wants more, how do you score? Fun Quiz

Try this light hearted quiz and check your results here


  • You get the following message from a new client “Kan ewe rite me a websight”

Do you

  1. Ignore it and not reply
  2. Send it back with corrections in red
  3. Call them up to see if its real or they are having you on?
  4. Reply in Swahili
  5. Forward it onto a colleague


  • You are continually chasing a client for their copy

Do you

  1. Threaten to increase the price if you do not receive the copy by a given deadline
  2. Tell them their competitors out-perform them and they will have to up their game.
  3. Ring and cajole them
  4. End up writing a lot yourself even though that was not in the budget
  5. Get a colleague to negotiate with them


  • You receive the copy and it is pitched totally differently to how they briefed about the feel and style of the site

Do you

  1. Clock off early and visit a reputable hostelry
  2. Use it anyway, you will at least get paid soon. It’s their loss.
  3. Sigh heavily and call a meeting to go through and explain how the copy reflects on the style
  4. Use Google translate to see if it can improve it
  5. Get a colleague to rewrite it


  • Your client is an expert in their field but cannot be persuaded to see things from the customer’s perspective and has no idea what FAQ’s to include

Do you

  1. Delete the FAQ page
  2. Suggest they ask their children, they could hardly do worse
  3. Devise an app to generate FAQ’s and charge them for it
  4. Send them three simple questions to answer and accept whatever they say as the answer
  5. Ask a colleague to research


Now see what type you are