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z pics team profitStory telling is an art which directly impacts almost every business.


The BBC reported on a businessman who had dramatically changed his fortune because he could tell his story well.

For a Herefordshire potato farmer, William Chase is impressively savvy about the need for positive publicity, and the importance of telling a good story. It is a talent that helped him move from being bankrupt, aged 32, to becoming a multimillionaire by the time he was 48.” read the story here BBC 8 Feb 2016

Telling your story well can make a huge difference to your profitability and I (Christine Hough) have been writing in different ways ever since entering the world of business. Initially in corporate companies, I wrote analytically to determine what investments would pay back dividends. Then, because I could express complex issues clearly, I also wrote the company wide manual for resource planning, maintenance schedules and procedural documents.

Writing investment justifications developed skills I used later in small businesses to successfully bid for grantsfrom Hull City Council, The Acorn Trust and UKTI. During this time I also wrote business plans.

With all the grants in the world, a company needs customers to thrive! And I have been writing effective copy for websites and auto-responding emails for various small enterprises ever since. I have also draftedadvertising flyers and designed exhibition materials.

Good story telling is essential and there is an art to writing a compelling story and keeping the reader’s attention. As well as writing for business I also write books, stories and poems under a pen name. Last year I won an international prize for a short story told in under 4000 characters. (Just over one side of A4)

I am launching a service to help others improve their communication and the big advantage I have is that I can see your services and products from a distance and understand your client’s perspectives.

So whether you are looking for wording for a flyer, or wanting to review the consistency of your communication with customers across all points of contact, please contact me through the contact page

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