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writer cluelessWould it help you if your clients would give you clear, articulate and persuasive copy for their websites?

Would it enhance your reputation if they got great results?

Could you feel happier about including newsletter facilities into your website projects if you knew you clients would maintain them?

There is a secret to connecting with people in a way that draws goodwill and sales. And I can help your clients build their customer base and develop a great relationship with their clients.

I recently contacted a speaker I  had heard nearly a decade ago. She wrote back “WOW its been ages!” There must be very many people I have met since whose names and services I no longer remember. But no-one who has met Nicky Pattinson would forget her and her story. Nicky now works from an Office in Mayfair London for corporate CEO’s having started in a basement in Holmfirth after years of depression and unemployment.

The secret that keeps memory alive is the use of Story

  • Stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts alone
  • Stories move the listener
  • Stories need not be long but they do connect emotionally.
  • Stories shape how others see you
  • Stories are powerful
  • Stories make people slow down and listen
  • Stories persuade
  • The most effective websites use stories

Experiments show that stories move people to action.
But don’t just take my word for it. Check it out here

Last year I realised I had cracked how to write a short story when I won fist prize in a competition run by a major US Publishing House.

But the art of story writing is something that I have been developing over decades of experience with large multi nationals and with small businesses. There are many different forms for telling stories, they can be about your dreams, your motivation, or your journey to where you are. Each one has a role in connecting with people emotionally. And when people are connecting emotionally they are much more likely to support, return, and display loyalty. In fact without emotion they will probably forget your encounter quite quickly.

My focus is to help people tell their story and create great business relationships with clients and customers.

Check out here more examples of how stories helped catch people’s attention –

And remember me as the story writer who helps your clients get the best from your designs.