When the client wants more, how did you score? Fun Quiz assessment

You answered mainly 1’s

Shh don’t wake me  …sleeping cat

Cut your losses, get what you can, and move onto another client. There is some sense in this but your design skills are not well showcased if the copy is poor. The client will not get optimal results and probably not recommend you or return for an update.


You answered mainly 2’s

Grrrr,  Don’t they annoy you! cat roaring

Maybe a wake up call is what they need, but then that is not really your problem.

Try to find a more helpful approach without doing their work for them.


You answered mainly 3’s

Okay, let’s talkcats talking

This is an impressive conciliatory approach. But hey you are a web designer, not a business coach.

You need to spend your time doing what you do best – web designing.


You answered mainly 4’s

I give incat resigned

A reasonable response. It’s not worth your time. But it doesn’t educate your client either.

When many satisfied clients do come back or refer others, perhaps a different approach would give better returns in the long term.


You answered mainly 5’s  

Give me the magic colleague!

Yeah!christine oct 2007

Everyone works best when playing to their own skills.

Writing is a skill of its own which everyone can do to some extent but few do really well.

A professional writer

  • saves you time.
  • gets better results from your design
  • increases the leverage on your services
  • Best of all the costs of a professional writer can either be passed onto your client, or you can refer for a commission. Either way you win.

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